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Diamond Platinumz Regrets Signing Artists To Wasafi Records

by Mwende
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The World class Tanzanian-based bongo star and Wasafi CEO Diamond Platinumz, who is broadly known as Simba, has expressed his disappointment after betrayal from the artists he had signed in his Wasafi Records Studio.

The “Kamata” hitmaker, regarded as the best bongo singer in East Africa, has been a good person who, according to him, has tried all he can to make sure that he helps the rising and talented artists to at least reach somewhere.

Diamond had signed artists such as the ‘Mtaje’ hit maker Harmonize, and the ‘Sweet love’ singer Rayvany broadly referred to as Chui. The two artists later created their brand after becoming famous and signing out from Wasafi.

Just a few hours ago, Diamond Platinumz made a post on his official Instagram account saying he is now in a position to understand why Nigerian-based artist Davido has always concentrated on himself and not any other upcoming artist.

He offered that the artists he had signed were so ungrateful after all he did to them, including investing his energy, time, money and fame to help them.

Diamond was so furious because he almost lost his fame because he paid more attention to the artists he had signed and later went against him.

He wrote, hivi sasa ndio nimegundua kwanini watu kama Kidayo, Davido na kadhalika waliamua kufocus na nafsi zao na sio kupoteza nguvu, umaarufu, pesa na muda wao kusaidia wasanii chipukizi walowasign. Hii industry haina shukran. But usiumie hii ni nchi yetu na ni jukumu letu kuhakikisha kwamba tunaendelea kunyanyua vijana toka mitaani ili nao wajikomboe kimaisha.”

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