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“I Date About 10 Men At Once!” Shakilla Narrates

Shakilla recently revealed that she slept with Eric Omondi more than thrice

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Popular Kenyan socialite Shakilla has disclosed that she cannot date one man. While speaking to Eve Mungai, Shakila stated that dating one man cannot bring her enough happiness. Hence she prefers dating at least ten. She compared Eve Mungai’s happiness of dating one boyfriend and resonated that more boyfriends bring more happiness.

Shakilla says if you are happy with one boyfriend, what about ten? Surprised by her stand on dating, Eve Mungai argued that Shakilla is still the ‘Queen of Streets,’ a name the socialite branded herself when she first appeared in the limelight.

This comes a few weeks after Shakilla disclosed that she had several bed encounters with Kenya’s comedian Eric Omondi. Shakilla tackled a woman online who praised Eric Omondi’s ability to satisfy a woman in bed. The socialite added that she slept with Eric Omondi at least three times but never had a chance to enjoy it.

She argued that Eric was always giving excuses about work and consistent meetings. According to her, Eric Omondi is very poor in bed. However, despite all the trolls, Shakilla has never changed her stand. She is the same old Shakilla who vibes with wealthy men.

She first appeared a few years ago. Many social media users criticized her approach and stated that she was lost. She confessed to having slept with multiple men in the entertainment industry, including top footballers, musicians, and comedians.

The 20-year-old has never left a chance of dating a man with money slide. She is always open with what she wants, arguing that she can’t get into an affair with a man who is not offering her anything in return. What’s your take on this story? Kindly share your thoughts down below. Also, read this amazing article. Find more trending stories here.

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