Home Entertainment Chira First Contact Person Revealed As Kenyans Are Informed What Next Day After Being Confirmed Dead

Chira First Contact Person Revealed As Kenyans Are Informed What Next Day After Being Confirmed Dead

Baba Talisha Unveils Brian Chira’s Grandmother, Warns Against Impostors

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In a heartfelt revelation, Baba Talisha, a renowned Kenyan TikToker, has introduced the public to Brian Chira’s Grandmother, confirming her as the primary family contact amidst the tragic news of Chira’s passing. This announcement is a cautionary measure against the backdrop of numerous reports of individuals falsely claiming to be related to Chira in an attempt to exploit the situation.

In a touching TikTok video released this morning, Baba Talisha is seen engaging candidly with Chira’s Grandmother. The video poignantly captures a moment where she displays the meal prepared for Chira’s supper, a testament to their close bond. She reminisced about their relationship, sharing that Chira would frequently reach out to her, highlighting the depth of their connection.

As the family grapples with the loss, Baba Talisha outlined the subsequent steps to be taken. The immediate focus is on the formalities at the City Mortuary, where the family will undertake the necessary procedures to claim Chira’s body.

A Photo of Brian Chira

Brian Chira posses for a photograph during a past event

The situation is complicated by the fact that the police were the ones who delivered the body to the mortuary, leaving it in a state of anonymity.

Baba Talisha’s initiative not only sheds light on genuine familial ties but also serves as a protective measure against the deceitful actions of those preying on the vulnerable. The community is urged to respect the family’s privacy and support them through this challenging time, ensuring that any assistance or condolences are directed through the proper channels.

This development is a stark reminder of the importance of verifying information during times of crisis and the need for collective vigilance against opportunistic fraud.

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