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Bahati Reveals Amount Of Money He Will Be Using During Elections To Make Sure He Wins

by Mwende
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The Kenyan gospel turned secular artist and now a politician Kelvin Bahati will be on the ballot come Tuesday 9th August. Bahati, vying for the Mathare Member of Parliament seat under the Jubilee ticket, will compete against Antony Oluoch.

He has been moving around with other Azimio La Umoja- One Kenya alliance candidates during the campaigns that were wrapped up yesterday.

Bahati speaks at interview

During an interview with Plug TV, Bahati revealed that he had spent a considerable sum of money that amounted to KSH 33 million. Bahati clarified that this is the amount of money he has used since he announced his bid.

As if that was not enough, the ‘Mama’ hit maker clarified that he is set to spend KSH 10 million more during the election day to make sure that he wins as the Mathare Member of Parliament.

When the interviewer asked him how he would use the KSH 10 million, Bahati said there are so many ways to use the money apart from campaigning. “So far, I have spent like KSH 33 million. I am planning to spend KSH 10 million more on election day,” Bahati clarified.

We all have witnessed how much Bahati has tried to make sure he is on the ballot amid so many ups and downs as far as the political party is concerned. Bahati almost cried when the bad news about him not being the best member of parliament candidate for Mathare befell him.

We all wish him all the best as the Mathare residents plan to go and vote for the Member of Parliament who can work best for them and bring forth change.

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