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Untold Past Life Of Sultana’s Major Jabali; Early Life, Career & Family

The actor has been in the acting scene for more than 40 years

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Suleiman Fadhili, alias Major Jabali is a renowned Kenyan actor who has been on the public scene for over forty years. He had appeared in several TV films before he joined the most sought-after Sultana TV series that airs on Citizen TV. Suleiman Fadhili is currently playing the famous role of Major Jabali, and this has brought noticeable greatness to his career.

Early Life Of Suleiman Fadhili
The talented Kenyan actor was born and raised in Kenya’s coastal region. Well, the actor’s actual age is not yet, but we estimate his age to be 50 plus. However, some sources say that he’s almost hitting 60 years of age.

Career Life
Currently, Suleiman Fadhili has more than forty years of acting. He is one of the oldest movie giants in Kenya. Suleiman kick-started his acting career in 1976. He has been participating in controversial roles in films throughout his acting career. Below are some of the films he has participated in. They include Tunaishi Mjini, Like Father Like Son, Sumu, Maria, Moyo Nuru, Masaibu, Dawa, Gizani, Kipendacho Raha, and Sultana.

Net Worth
The actor’s current net worth is estimated to be about $500,000. He has numerous assets that amount to the above-stated net worth. The kind of lifestyle he lives is enough proof that he is a rich man.

Quicks Facts
Suleiman Fadhili’s Big dream was to become a medical doctor. However, in many cases, dreams turn otherwise, and we don’t get what we want. However, even though he didn’t become a medical doctor like he always wanted, he has succeeded in his acting career, which is highly commendable.

Well, the actor loves watching, and he also loves to engage young people by offering them advice. He is a man who loves traveling, and in addition, he loves to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Wife And Family
Suleiman Fadhili is a married man. He is a father of four kids whose names are unknown to the public. His wife’s name is Ruth Hassan. As a family man, he’d do everything possible to put a smile on their faces. What do you love about Major Jabali? Let us know down below. Also, read. Read other articles here.

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