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Speaker Lusaka Embroiled In Sex Scandal With MCA’s Wife

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Speaker of the Senate and Ford Kenya gubernatorial aspirant in Bungoma county, Kenneth Lusaka has been embroiled in a sex scandal with MCA’s wife, Caren Nato.

According to privy sources aware of the sex scandal, Speaker Lusaka snatched MCA Joram’s wife and the two lover birds have been having intimacy affairs for over three months.

Photo: MCA Joram

In revealed deal for exchange of sex, Lusaka has promised Caren Nato county appointment position when elected governor on 9th August.

Heart broken Member of County Assembly, Joram has told Mambo Mseto that Lusaka, who is eyeing for county seat has drained him into hive of helplessness, accusing governor hopeful of dubbing women into sex affairs at the expense of promising them jobs when he clinches to the seat.

MCA Joram

This emerges barely a year after a woman sued Lusaka for allegedly refusing to take fatherly responsibilities to her unborn baby.

In June 2021, Lawyer Danstan Omar told the court that Lusaka and woman who sued him, engaged in love affairs for over a year resulting to pregnancy.

The two entrenched lover birds fell out after Lusaka demanded the lady to abort her three months pregnancy. However, the lady declined to abort pregnancy forcing Lusaka to end the relationship.

“The applicant declined to accede to the proposal and now she is three months pregnant and counting since she discovered that she was expectant of Lusaka’s child” read the court statement.

“Lusaka’s defiant and brazen refusal to accept responsibility and assist the applicant to access esteemed hospitals capable of giving her highest standard of prenatal care threaten the life of their unborn child and is, therefore, in sharp contravention with the constitutional safeguards of life which begins at conception,” the court papers stated.

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