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Azziad shares her struggle with suicidal thoughts

by Mbugua
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Content creator Azziad Nasenya recently shared the untold story of her battle with cyberbullying and the emotional turmoil it brought.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Azziad opened up on the harsh reality she faced after the immense success of her dance videos, shedding light on the toll it took on her mental health.

Azziad, who rose to fame with her dance challenge to ‘Utawezana,’ a hit song by Mejja featuring Femi One, recounted her initial reaction to the virality of her videos. She acknowledged that her previous experiences with TikTok fame had somewhat prepared her for the attention.

“After the video went viral, that did not shock me because I had done videos that went viral before on TikTok; it was happening. So to me, I was just like, ah, it’s another one,” Azziad shared.

Azziad shared the distressing moment when she found herself on the balcony, contemplating suicide as the weight of the cyberbullying became unbearable. Fortunately, her team, management, and friends offered vital support during this challenging period.

Describing the shift, she explained, “It was different; people knew me, so it escalated. People were sharing it, I was like okay cool nice. So it was all love, and then before you know it, it was boom, came cyberbullying.”

Reflecting on the irrationality of her criticism, Azziad expressed disbelief at the harsh judgment for simply expressing herself through dance.

“I thought about it because I’m just a teenager. I have just been doing what I love doing for the past year. What do you mean someone is mad because I danced? I did not hurt anyone; I was having fun, so that was my lowest moment.”

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