Home Politics Kikuyus Will Have to Wait 100 Years if Raila Supports Ruto in 2027- Mutahi

Kikuyus Will Have to Wait 100 Years if Raila Supports Ruto in 2027- Mutahi

by Mbugua
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Political analyst and commentator Mutahi Ngunyi, known for his expertise in political issues and policies, believes that if President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga reconcile through negotiations, the significant casualties will be the people from the Mount Kenya region.

Ngunyi, expressing his views on Twitter, suggested that there are clear indications of a possible reconciliation between the two leaders soon following the efforts of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Committee (NADCO). If successful, Ngunyi warns that the people of Mount Kenya should understand that it might mark the end of their proximity to leadership for the next century.

According to Ngunyi, Ruto is a shrewd political player with the strategic goal of securing all votes from Western Kenya – the second-largest region in terms of voting population and considered a stronghold of Raila Odinga.

“To my Kikuyu brethren: The Luhya community is the second-largest stronghold with the largest number of votes in Kenya. Ruto will mend fences with Raila. If they unite, you will be out of government for 100 years,” Ngunyi remarked.

The political scholar urged the people of Mount Kenya to be prepared to accept the outcomes, advising them not to harbour resentment towards Ruto. He emphasized that showing hostility towards Ruto would be detrimental, as it could permanently close the door to their inclusion in leadership, as they are currently being welcomed.

“Be good to Ruto. He has been good to you. Take it or leave it. The end is near!” he concluded.

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