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Georgina Njenga Speaks On Having Baby With Tyler Mbaya

by Mwende
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Popular actor Tyler Mbaya and her lovely baby mama Georgina Njenga, a YouTuber, welcomed their firstborn baby in may this year. It was a happy moment for the two first-time parents.

In as much as the love birds are young, they have taken good care of their daughter as if they have ever had a baby before. By looking at how they handle their baby, you can think that they have total experience in bringing up a baby.

Photo:[Georgina and Tyler]

During a Question and Answer session with her fans on Instagram, Georgina narrated that the pregnancy was too soon, but she was okay with it.

One of her fans asked about baby number two, “Are you planning to bring Astra a baby brother?”


In response, Mbaya’s wife said that she was done and it would take a village to convince her to return to the labor room. “As far as I’m concerned, right now, I’m done. It would take a whole village to convince me to go back to that room,” she wrote.

We all know that it has been barely a year since Georgina gave birth to baby Astra and got pregnant again; she would want to take a little break and concentrate on her firstborn first.

Photo:[Georgina and Tyler]

Their baby came on Mbaya’s birthday, and as far as we can remember, he was more than happy to narrate the good news to the general public. The Machachari actor notified everyone of the child’s condition and that of the mother, and everyone was more than happy for the two. Their fans sent congratulatory messages to them on social media.


Photo:[Georgina and Tyler]

Mbaya happily wrote, “She came on my birthday! We would love to tell you guys that baby and her momma are doing great and being taken care of here @Komarockmordern. It’s a whole roller coaster of how things happened. I can’t wait to take you guys through the journey.”


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