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Azziad Ako Na Kiburi Sana- Nyako

by Mbugua
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Nyako, who was live on Tiktok interacting with her fans, started talking about her stance on popular tiktok Queen Azziad Nasenya.  “Azziad ako na kiburi mingi sana and think she has made it, but according to me, she has not.”


Whatever provoked Nyako to take a jib at Azziad remains anonymous. Still, Azziad fans and fellow celebrities were not having it and clapped back at Nyako for trying to tarnish the image of Azziad Online.

Kenyan celebrities such as pascal Tokodi,Fao Shishy,Sammy boy,pritty vishy rebuffed Nyako comments on Azziad saying:

@Pascal Tokodi:

Hana Kiburi.


Says a woman who stays live 24 hours to borrow people money,says a 40 year old woman;enyewe uzee ni mbaya.

@Sammy boy:

Who is this Nyako? And what does she do?


I think she was lowkey talking about herself.

Among Azziad’s many achievements, she recently shared a stage with American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar at Bk arena in Kigali, Rwanda.

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