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Carol Katrue Leaks Whatsapp Chats With Ruto As She Openly Slams KRG, Jaguar

"Hakuna ata pesa mlichangia Peter" Carol Katrue slammed KRG, Jaguar telling them to keep off Miracle Baby affair

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In a recent development that has captured the nation’s attention, Carol Katrue, the spouse of renowned music producer Miracle Baby, has fiercely responded to accusations from critics amidst her husband’s ongoing health crisis.

Miracle Baby, known for his significant contributions to the Kikuyu Benga music scene, has been battling severe stomach complications, prompting a public fundraising effort for his medical expenses.

Carol Katrue during a past media presser

Carol Katrue during a past media presser

The controversy escalated when KRG the Don, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, suggested that Carol and her associates were misleading the public regarding the fundraising activities. In a passionate 28-minute interview with a leading online media outlet, Carol vehemently dismissed the allegations, asserting her integrity and dedication to her husband’s recovery.

During the interview, Carol addressed the critics directly, stating, “Those who question our intentions do not see the relentless efforts and sleepless nights spent in seeking aid for my husband’s treatment.”

Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue

Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue having good time together. Photo: Tuko

She further revealed that a significant donation of Kshs 300,000 from President William Ruto was a direct result of her persistent outreach, even showcasing alleged communication with the head of state to substantiate her claims.

Carol’s bold stance has sparked a widespread discussion on social media, with public opinion divided. While some applaud her for her tenacity and transparency, others remain skeptical of the fundraising process. The debate continues as the nation watches closely, hoping for Miracle Baby’s swift recovery and a resolution to the unfolding drama.

For now, Carol Katrue stands firm, her resolve unshaken by the whirlwind of controversy surrounding her. “This is about my husband’s life, not about politics or public opinion,” she declared. “I will continue to fight for him with every resource at my disposal.”

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