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Jackie Matubia betrayed our friendship – Milly Chebby

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Content creator Milly Chebet has spoken out about the rift between her and former close friend, actress Jackie Matubia, expressing a sense of betrayal but maintaining a commitment to keep the details of their fallout private.

Chebet revealed that their friendship was built on a gentleman’s pact, a promise she intends to uphold despite the strain in their relationship.

While Chebet refrained from divulging the reasons for their highly publicized fallout, she conveyed that she still holds sisterly love for Matubia despite their challenges.

The content creator emphasised her commitment to the pact they made when they were close friends, which compels her to keep certain matters confidential.

The rumours of their strained relationship first surfaced in early 2023, gaining traction as they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The tension escalated when Matubia missed Milly Chebet’s traditional wedding. When questioned by her Instagram followers, Matubia claimed she wasn’t invited because she doesn’t have a husband.

“What happened between us is what I have severally called seasons of life. I am not one to keep explaining myself to every barking dog. When we were friends, it was just two of us, and when it stopped, I never thought one of us would go to social media and air our dirty linen because we share so many secrets,” explained Chebet.

She expressed disappointment that Matubia chose to unfollow her first but asserted that she has never mocked Matubia for not having a husband, clarifying that such claims have been misrepresentations. Among the speculations surrounding their fallout is the involvement of Matubia’s ex-boyfriend, actor Blessing Lungáho. However, Chebet did not address these rumours directly.

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