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Msichoke Na Mimi! Akuku Danger’s Emotional Message To Fans On Pending Hospital Bill

The singer has been detained in Nairobi West hospital

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Comedian Akuku Danger has requested Kenyans to come through for him once again to help him clear a ksh. 823,000 hospital bill that has prevented him from being cleared at Nairobi West Hospital.

It shall be recalled that the comedian was discharged earlier this week but the hospital decided to detain him until he clears the pending hospital bill. The amount stated is the remainder figure after deductions from his Insurance and other cut costs were made.

Akuku appeals for help

He urged Kenyans not to get tired of helping him but to find it in their hearts to assist him. He explained that the Sickle cell anaemia disease that the comedian has been battling with him since birth has drained him in so many ways, including mentally, financially, and physically. This is because of the unending hospital visits that the comedian has had to take for his health.

Akuku pleaded with Kenyans to assist him, adding that he never chose to be ill. Fans and fellow celebrities took to their respective social media channels to urge fans to assist in footing the hospital bill.


The paybill poster in aid of Akuku Danger’s medical bill

Taking to his Instagram page, the comedian wrote,

“I never asked to be in this position, half of this year has been months and months of hospital admissions due to sickle cell anaemia which has since drained me both mentally, financially and even physically and that’ s why I come to you guys seeking help. It’ s been challenging but I’ m hanging in there. Msichoke na Mimi. ” Fans have continued to shower him with support.


Akuku and his lover Sandrah Dacha

Earlier on Tuesday, his girlfriend announced that the comedian had been discharged but the hospital couldn’t let him leave until he cleared the pending hospital bill.

From our editorial desk, we would like to urge Kenyans to come through for Akuku Danger and help him raise the required amount so that he is discharged from the hospital. We also send him our prayers and wish him quick recovery.


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