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Kuria Alleges Uhuru Has Given Up On Raila, Gives Reasons

Moses Kuria now claims President Uhuru has given up on Raila's bid

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Tables seem to be turning against Raila in the August Presidential race as fresh details emerge about the current reality of matters in the secret political corridors. Hinting through his official Facebook page, Gatundu South member of parliament Hon Moses Kuria has alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta is preparing the grounds to abandon his alleged project, Raila.

According to Kuria, the Azimio One Kenya presidential candidate Hon. Raila Odinga cannot win the August 9 presidential election and this is a reality that President Uhuru could have started to come to terms with. He added that this is a reality that Azimio La Umoja supporters should just forget about because of the way Uhuru is already behaving sending them a message.

According to Moses Kuria, he has tried to figure out all the formulas which can be used against Ruto but he could not see how Azimio presidential candidate can beat the second in command of the Republic of Kenya, William Ruto, come August 9 Polls.

I have used all formulas including pythagoras and even dental formula. I don’t see any single way Raila Odinga can win this election. And that is why even Uhuru Kenyatta has given up on him, ” MP Gatundu South Moses Kuria said.

Moses Kuria has continued with his attacks on Raila Odinga’s presidency, even when ha has been lamenting that he is being mistreated in UDA party which is associated with Deputy President William Ruto. It’s now a matter of waiting and seeing what happens in the coming months if his Prediction against Raila Odinga’s presidency will come to pass or not.


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This is something that raises questions as the future remains completely unpredictable. It is not clear which final political directions are various politicians likely to take in the end. It appears some of them are not settled where they are at the moment. Things are getting tough as betrayal appears to be around the corner and likely to consume some of the politicians before they head to the ballot box.

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