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Why Ex-Machachari Actor Got Married At 21

He stated that when his girlfriend broke the news to him, he was not shocked

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Former Machachari actor dubbed Baha alias Tyler Mbaya has revealed reasons that forced him to start a family at a very young age. At the age of 21, the actor resolved to start a family, and according to the actor, losing his parents at a tender age was the main contributive factor.

His dream was to start a family at age 25, but losing his parents made him start a family at a much younger age. We all know the gap left in our lives when parents leave us. The actor stated that he will take full responsibility as a father, and he will always be present for his daughter.

He disclosed that he felt the urge of starting a family because his dear parents were not there to share moments with him. The actor stated that when his girlfriend broke the news about the pregnancy, he wasn’t shocked since it was something he has always yearned for.

Tyler Mbaya tells his life story

He said while growing up, he missed his parents’ presence and warmth, something that many people are privileged to have. He spoke about the importance of family, adding that it has a full impact on one’s life. He also stated that at the age of 21, he felt that he was mature enough to be a dad.

He stated,

“Missing my parents’ love and warmth made it apparent to me that I needed to have a family of my own. Deep down I had a strong feeling that family brings positive energy in life and I knew I would draw strength and inspiration to push limits from my family. Additionally, I felt I had matured to have one so when my girlfriend broke the news to me last year, I wasn’t really shocked.”

He stated that being a father meant him reconsidering some of the things he always wanted to do as a young person. He stated that he’d want his daughter to emulate him and feel loved. Also, read. Find other articles here

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