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Terence Creative Slammed For Risking His Life While Driving

The comedian was holding a plate while driving, a move that received a backlash

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Popular Kenyan comedian dubbed Terence Creative has been forced to apologize to Kenyans after he shared a photo of him driving while eating. Taking to his Instagram page, Terence drafted an apology, urging his fans and followers to forgive him.

It all started when Terence shared a snippet of him driving while eating, a move that was meant to entertain his fans. The move made his fans react, urging him not to multitask while driving as it could make him lose concentration on the road.

He wrote,

“I wish to ask for your apology and ask you not to emulate this behavior as it may put you in danger and risk the life of the people on board.”

Terence issues apology

Terence went ahead and requested his fans to stay safe on the roads, adding that he would be an ambassador and key advocate for safe driving. It is a requirement from the authorities that all public road users should practise safe driving to reduce cases of road accidents by all means.

Terence Creative went ahead and stated that when he was filming the recording, no minor was present, and therefore, nobody was harmed in the process. He stated that he was driving at a speed of 30km/hr, adding that driving at a slower speed didn’t justify his actions by all means. He stated,

“We were in a snarl up driving at 30km/hr, however, this doesn’t justify my act. Once again I apologise for that stunt.”

Terence Creative is one of the most sought-after comedians in Kenya, and this is something that has attracted a lot of commercial deals for him. He is very talented and comical, and this makes him one of the most consistent comedians in Kenya. What’s your view on this story ladies and gentlemen? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Find other articles here.

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