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‘She Bowed Before Me,’ Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie On First Encounter With Beyoncé

Sarkodie resolved to go silent on the matter because he knew Ghanaians would doubt him

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Popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie finally opened up on his first-ever meeting encounter with American local icon, Beyoncé. Speaking during an interview in South Africa, Sarkodie stated that he never shared the story of his first encounter with the singer because he knew that people would have doubted his story.

Sarkodie disclosed that a funny scene happened, but he decided not to share it with the public. He went ahead and stated that he had let his good friend Ice Prince talk on his behalf with regard to the story.

Sarkodie stated that when he was seated at the BET aisle, Beyonce and her team approached his path and stood in front of him. The singer stated that Beyoncé bowed before him on that day. Sarkodie stated that he felt that it was not him that she was addressing, and that he kept looking behind him, wondering who the guest of honour was.

Ice Prince confirmed that it was him that Beyonce was actually bowing to, adding that Beyoncé shook her head as she walked away. He stated that when he saw Beyoncé doing projects with African artists, he thought to himself that they should have understood what it was that she was doing.



According to Sarkodie, that move by Beyoncé made him feel so appreciated and recognized. He stated that he didn’t want to brag that Beyoncé knew him, adding that it wasn’t far from what she did. He added that the more he dives into doing more and more music, the more people get to know him.


The artist

Beyoncé has been on a charm offensive in Africa and even featured a number of Africans in her album ‘ Black is King. ‘Some of the artists who were featured in the album include Ghana’s Shatta Wale, Nigeria’s Yemi Alade, and Nigeria’s Wizkid.

Sarkodie’s revelations have elicited excitement and mixed reactions online. What is your take, do you believe him? Share your thoughts with us.


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