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Samidoh Admits He Misses Edday

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Samidoh, the renowned Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki, reassured curious online followers that there is no animosity between himself and his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu. This affirmation came after encountering a woman who professed to be a fan of Edday’s. The incident occurred as Samidoh expressed gratitude on Facebook to his devoted fans for braving harsh weather conditions to attend his performance.

He humorously acknowledged his fans’ dedication, mentioning how they enthusiastically showed up despite rain, jesting about needing a “sister blanket,” an “almighty pullover,” a “beautiful sweater,” or a “lovely umbrella.” Amidst these acknowledgements, a comment from Winnie Mulei, identifying herself and her group as fans of Edday, prompted a quick response from Samidoh, affirming his status as a fan of Edday.

Despite their estrangement, glimpses of lingering affection between Samidoh and Edday surfaced. On Samidoh’s birthday, Edday orchestrated a heartfelt celebration involving their children singing a traditional birthday song for him. Videos of this touching gesture were shared on social media, showcasing Edday’s involvement and encouragement of their youngest daughter during the performance. Samidoh’s son also expressed his love for his father after singing him a birthday song, with Edday praising her son in the background.

However, their relationship faced turmoil due to Karen Nyamu’s involvement. Edday parted ways with Samidoh following a public altercation between her and Karen Nyamu at a club in Dubai. Despite Karen Nyamu’s subsequent breakup announcement with Samidoh and a pledge to avoid drama in 2023, they were seen together again, rekindling their relationship at various public events, causing distress to Edday.

Edday, feeling the strain of a perceived polygamous relationship, expressed her distress on social media, indicating her reluctance to raise her children in such circumstances. Despite her emotional message, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu continued to make joint appearances, further exacerbating the situation.

Eventually, Edday and her three children relocated to the United States in early May 2023. In a subsequent social media post on July 22, 2023, Edday clarified that she did not consider herself in a polygamous marriage and stated that she had left her husband for someone who might have needed him more.

Throughout these events, the dynamic between Samidoh, Edday, and Karen Nyamu showcased a complex and emotionally charged series of public interactions, shedding light on the challenges within their relationships and personal lives.

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