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Zuchu reveals her body count

by Mbugua
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Tanzanian female musician Zuchu recently showed just how deeply she cherishes her relationship with Diamond Platnumz during a candid Q&A session. One of the questions she faced was about her past romantic experiences, which many women and men may find uncomfortable discussing.

The journalist asked, “How many women or men have you ever had a romantic connection with?” Zuchu, with her warm and candid demeanour, eagerly embraced this potentially contentious query and promptly delivered a sincere response.

“Just one… Only one,” she replied with a smile, hugging Diamond tightly. She playfully turned the tables on the reporter, asking, “Do you know who my boyfriend is? In the industry, both inside and outside?”

With another affectionate hug for Diamond, she declared, “He’s my one and only.” Diamond himself enthusiastically agreed, sharing a warm smile with the talented singer. Throughout their relationship, the couple has frequently shared affectionate moments, including kisses, on social media.

A few months earlier, Zuchu was reportedly upset after seeing a video of Diamond Platnumz kissing Ghanaian singer Fantana on the reality show “Young, Famous And African.” She admitted, “Yes, it happened.

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