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Fresh Twist As New Information Proves Jackie Maribe & Jowie Irungu Murdered Monica Kimani

Officer Otieno provided items collected at the murder scene forensic report

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An eye witness in Monica Kimani’s case, Maxwell Otieno has revealed that Jowie Irungu and his ex-partner Jackie Maribe planned and executed the murder of the late businesswoman. The last witness of the hearing stated the duo combined and executed the murder of Monica Kimani, who was a Juba-based businesswoman. Maxwell Otieno, a police officer stated that the two were behind Monica’s death that occurred in September 2018.

The police officer went ahead and provided the court with forensic evidence plus the movements of the duo the night that Monica Kimani was murdered. It shall be recalled that Monica Kimani was found dead in a bathtub with a sliced throat.

Eye witness testifies against Maribe and Jowie Irungu

The police officer went ahead and presented some of the key items that were collected during the investigations. The items act as exhibits of the murder case. Otieno stated that according to the forensic data collected, the accused were found to have walked out of Lamuria Gardens at the wee hours.

Jennings Orlando, who happens to be Jowie’s friend confirmed the report. The officer stated,

Jennings met Jowie at 11:40 pm where the accused met him on foot at a petrol station before boarding the vehicle belonging to the 2nd accused person Jacque Maribe.”

Otieno added that the duo had given contradictory statements of what led to Jowie’s injuries, something that proved they were involved in the murder. It was previously stated that Jowie got injured while at Jackie Maribe’s home in Lang’ata.


The murder saga consequently forced Jackie Maribe to be relieved of her duties at Citizen TV where she worked as a News Presenter. During her time as a news anchor at Citizen TV, Jackie Maribe was the one who presented Monica Kimani’s murder. What is your view on this story? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Read other articles here.

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