Home Entertainment Mungai Eve Vows To Punish Her Alleged GSU Ex-Boyfriend For Defaming Her

Mungai Eve Vows To Punish Her Alleged GSU Ex-Boyfriend For Defaming Her

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A few days after content creator by the name of CP Karao came out to claim that Mungai Eve used and dumped him, the story got out of hand as it was shared publicly by numerous blogs including the tea master Edgar Obare.

On seeing the situation getting out of hand the content creator has come out to deny every claim he made saying all that was a lie and he was just trying to get attention.

He has asked for forgiveness from Mungai Eve and all who may have been affected by the lies he was spreading.

The damage having been done Mungai Eve has acknowledged receiving an apology from the Tiktoker but has indicated that she is not going to leave it lying low as her name has already been dragged through the mad.

She has revealed that she will have her lawyers take the necessary action against the content creator as has been reported by Tuko.

The soldier had given an account of how they used to date back when Mungai Eve was starting off in the content creation business.

He further said that he was the one who funded her dream, paying for the production of close to thirty first videos she ever published. The soldier did not stop there as he went on to pay for her rent and even bought her, her first tablet.

The guy further lamented that Mungai Eve later blocked him after she made it in the media industry. That is not all, He further claimed that Mungai Eve cheated on him with a man from Utawala with the intention of sabotaging their relationship.

He went on to say he had evidence to back his story as well as phone messages to prove that they used to be an item.

In his video, the guy demanded to be refunded everything he ever spent on the content creator from rent to all other expenses he incurred.

It is now evident how far content creators are willing to go to attract attention to themselves even when it ends up costing someone else. Lately, we have seen content creators do absurd things all chasing clicks and views.


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