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Edwin Sifuna Claims Ruto Will Soon Reveal Why Uhuru Sidelined Him

Edwin Sifuna tells Kenyans to expect Ruto to tell them why he disagreed with Uhuru any time soon

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Edwin Sifuna has told Kenyans to expect DP Ruto to come out clean on the exact reason behind his fallout with President Uhuru and the subsequent anger he harbours toward the President.

Despite having shared power in the 2013 election and working together once more to win a second term in the 2017 general election, William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta are now the worst of political enemies.

According to Sifuna, there must be a hidden reason as to why things are no longer the same between the two saying that even though Ruto seems very careful in his political moves not to let it out, it will still come out soon.

He said that just as Ruto and his camp are disclosing private events involving him and Uhuru, he would soon find himself disclosing the real reason Uhuru left him.

We believe that the anger Ruto has towards the President is because somewhere along the line he felt that probably this is not the person to inherit him. And they will tell us about it one day, since we were not there,” he said on Citizen TV morning interview.

Although Raila’s supporters now point out that Ruto’s recent admissions demonstrate that he had issues with the President even before the 2017 election, Ruto has been blaming his falling out with Uhuru on Raila’s 2018 arrival. Ruto’s assertions that he appointed Uhuru as president were further debunked by Sifuna, who also reminded him that Uhuru’s candidacy was largely responsible for the majority of votes their ticket received in both elections.

The only way Central Kenya was going to vote in the manner that they did in 2013 was because Uhuru was at the top of the ticket,” added the ODM secretary general.

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