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Journalist Almost Kneels Before Ruto Begging Him To Attend Presidential Debate

Ruto clears the air on attending presidential debate

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Deputy President William Ruto has finally broken silence on the debate revolving his indecisive intention to flatly dodge the presidential debate that is slated on 26th July, 2022 at Catholic University for Eastern Africa (CUEA) main campus, in Karen.

Journalists interviewing the second in command begged the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate, by almost kneeling down to plead him overturn his prior decision of abdicating and snubbing the interview over media biasness claims.

“I want to say on behalf of Media Council that we are sorry if by any chance we didn’t cover Kenya Kwanza events to your satisfaction. We are very sorry. But your Excellency, even if you want to kneel down to beg you to attend the presidential debate, we are ready to do so” said journalist.

Ruto to decide on attending Presidential Debate

Speaking on Thursday night during an exclusive interview with KTN News journalists, Ruto revealed that he will make a decision at the opportune moment, while at the same time pleading the media to be sensitive on the biasness when covering political events especially for presidential candidates.

“We will make a decision at the opportune moment and I want to beg the media to be sensitive to the fact that this is Kenya and there’s shortage of fools in Kenya. Kenyans can see through this and they can see that there is no fairness” Ruto said.

He lamented that the Media has been biased when covering Kenya Kwanza events, arguing that his main challenger, Raila Odinga has been receiving 60 per cent of airtime while Kenya Kwanza gets only 30 per cent.

The media council gave out evidence that it was clear that we got 30 per cent of coverage while our competitors got 60 per cent of the coverage. If the media is that biased, how do we submit ourselves to a media that has already decided they have a candidate” added Ruto

He also argued that “slapping the president” was a figurative language that many people quoted him out of context, propagating that he attempted to physically fist his boss.


Deputy President William Ruto

“Slapping the president was a figurative language. The president was almost giving up. He was telling me, you what William, I want to go to Ichaweri. I told him you know what, you are not about to do anything silly like that” Ruto told KTN News journalists


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