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What Kenya Has Become Under Ruto’s Regime

by Guest Editor
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Ruto’s Regime has been accompanied by a series of unfulfilled promises.The president William Ruto’s government has excelled in one thing for all the time they have been in office and that is making announcements on daily basis and telling lies to the citizens.

Ruto himself has been announcing a housing project and promising good prices for everything ranging from sugar, fuel, and other commodities.

The entire Ruto cabinet whether it is Moses Kuria, Eliud Owalo, Moses Mudavadi, and Ruto’s crazy Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua all have to make sure they attend something to have their pictures taken by the obedient and biased media.

Stupid announcements and bravado seem to be full-time job. Alfred Mutua the former Foreign Affairs CS took it a step further in Canada taking pictures to announce the millions of jobs for Kenyans in Canada and asking Kenyans to go for the jobs. Wonderful success for Mutua to open those doors until the Canadian government through the minister in charge of immigration had to go to the media to tell Kenyans that Mutua was lying to them.

In reality, the opposite of what Ruto announces all the time is what Kenyans see in real life. The prices just keep going up, not down, and all those housing projects announced in grand events with loud pictures for the media it turns out Ruto does not have a penny to build any housing. What to do now?

On housing, Ruto has decided he is imposing a forced deduction from every worker’s salary to build those houses in the next 60 years.

Ruto’s announcements of fake projects have turned into daily announcements of firing corrupt people running his government and unfortunately, those are even more fake than the projects.

Majoring on the scandal at the Ministry of Health and KEMSA where billions of donor money and tax money are being ruthlessly squandered every day and nobody in the government cares until everything explodes in their face.

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