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Popular Celebrities And Politicians Who Share Their Birth Dates

by Mwende
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Birth dates are the most important days in everyone’s Life. Everyone has a day that they were brought into the world. That day means a lot to everyone, and most of us go for photoshoots and outings to make such days of birth count.

It is even more fun to share with you some popular individuals who coincidentally share their birthday dates. How sweet is it to share your big day with an iconic figure? Well, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities and politicians who share their birth dates.

1. Nameless, Milly Wajesus, and Jeff Kuria

These three celebrities always celebrate their big day on the 10th, august of every year. Milly Wajesus is a Kenyan celebrity and youtube content creator who acknowledges her day of birth as her day of joy and greatness.

Photo:[Nameless, Milly, Kuria]

While counting his blessings on his big birth-day, Nameless, a Kenyan singer, said, “I count my blessings in all the fans and friends that have strolled with me throughout this Nameless journey.”

The radio presenter Jeff Kuria celebrated his Birthday, saying, “Never give up on God because he never gives up on you!”

2. Azimio leader Raila Odinga, Jeff Koinange and Julie Gichuru

Again, these three educated fellers share their birth date, which is always on the 7th of January every year. Surprisingly not much is found on their social media on their big day.

Raila Odinga turned 77 in January this year. The celebration of his birth was held at Bomas of Kenya, where family and friends joined him.

Photo:[Raila, Jeff Koinage, Julie Gichuru]

The top journalist at Royal Media Services also didn’t celebrate so much apart from a cake that was brought as a sign of celebration.

Julie Gichuru, on the other hand, celebrated her 48th Birthday, but a lot was going on around her life, from losing loved ones to going through surgery. This is what she had to say, “Life is a gift. Each new day is a blessing. Thank you, lord.”

3. Grace Ekirapa and Jalang’o

Grace Ekirapa is the wife of Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi. She is as well a media personality who works for NTV. Jalang’o, on the other hand, is the new MP-elect of the Lang’ata constituency. The two celebrate their birth days on the 27th of April.

On his Birthday, Jalang’o wrote, “27th April! Wiser, stronger … new challenges!! Happy Birthday to me!”


Jalang’o and Grace Ekirapa

Grace was so grateful for her Birthday. She wrote,

“I am blessed because I get to celebrate my Birthday in the best way, and that is by holding my little princess in my arms. Happy Birthday to me, and thank you, lord, for giving me the gift of being a mother to such a precious being.”

Do you know of more public figures who share their birth dates? Talk to us.

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