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“I Can Never Chase Clout To Get Sympathy Votes,” Jalang’o’s Response On Employees’ Saga

The comedian refuted claims that he was using his employees to chase clout and get sympathy votes

by Jayden Musembi
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Kenyan media personality and Lang’ata Member of Parliament aspirant Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has responded to claims that he was clout chasing with his employees. This comes days after Jalang’o asked his followers to help him find two of his trusted employees and their family members who were allegedly on the run.

This statement by Jalang’o came after the duo allegedly escaped with a large amount of money they stole from his car. Jalang’o stated that Eli and Litiema were washing his car when they found an undisclosed huge amount of money. They took it and vanished.

Jalang’o had offered a reward of one hundred thousand Kenya shillings to anyone who would find them. Two days ago, a close source revealed that he had seen the two working in Jalango’s compound and raised speculations that the entire saga could have been a clout chasing stunt.

During the weekend, the former radio presenter announced that he would gladly welcome the two workers to work for him if they agree to come out. Coincidentally, his statement came after reports went round that his employees has been spotted on his compound, further fuelling speculations that the entire drama might have been a clout stunt.


Jalango’s employees who are allegedly on the run

During his recent interview with Mungai Eve, he revealed that what happened was true and he was not clout chasing. Responding to the claims,  he said,

“I heard people saying that I am clout chasing, these are people who even my children know, that is the last thing I will ever do, and if you know me that is something I will never do. No there is nothing like sympathy votes, it is true Eli and Litiema stole money from my house and ran with their families and it has been reported to even the DCI.

On that day I used my wife’s car to meet a certain group of people and I was tired from the campaigns, remember I had my wife’s car. My daughter’s art was in the car and she requested to get her arts out of the car. Eli and Litiema were washing the car on that Saturday, and while in the process, they came into contact with the money and although it has never occurred to me that they would do that.Through the day it had not occurred to me that they had left and when I wanted to use the money, I realized that the guys are not there and the money was missing.”

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