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Last Conversation Late Baringo Deputy Governor Had With Wife

The Baringo leader collapsed and died while waiting to board a Kenya Airways flight

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Baringo’s Deputy Governor’s wife, Lornah Kipng’ok, says that her husband was in high spirits before leaving their Elda Maravine home on Wednesday, September 14, hours before his demise.

The DG, Charles Kipng’ok, informed her that he was traveling to Nairobi to catch a flight to Mombasa to attend the governor’s induction conference.

Lornah stated that the deceased did not raise any concern over his health as he was in good shape that morning.

“My husband left our Solian home on saying he was heading for Nairobi and was in high spirits. It is saddening that we lost him in such circumstances, yet he had not complained of any sickness,” she stated.


The late Baringo county Deputy Governor Charles Kipng’ok at the swearing-in on Thursday August 25, 2022

Further, she thanked Kenyans for standing with the family, acknowledging she received numerous goodwill messages from Kenyans since the announcement of the demise of the 61-year-old DG.

“It was his day. It was his time and he had done what he was to do on this earth. I ask that you continue to pray for our family,” she added.

Earlier, part of the family stated that they learned about Kipng’ok’s death on social media. David Biegon, a family friend stated that Lornah was in the company of some of the family members in the house when they saw the news on WhatsApp and Facebook.

“It was a very unfortunate incident, especially the way his demise was received by the family, who were on their own with no one to comfort them,” he recalled.

Kipngok passed away minutes before a plane he had boarded could take off.

In a statement by the aircraft management, it was stated that the 61-year-old developed breathing complications with medical emergency efforts to help the newly sworn-on DG proving futile.

“As Kipng’ok was entering the plane, he lost breath and for some reason, he was unable to regain it and passed on,” an excerpt of the statement read.

“We want to thank Acting Director General Dr Patrick Amoth who was a passenger traveling onboard who was there and tried to resuscitate and bring back my brother to life even though he was unsuccessful,” Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi appreciated.

We pass our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the bereaved.

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