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Michelle Ntalami; Why I Stopped Working With Ex Lover Makena Njeri

Michelle Ntalami maintained that she ditched Bold Network after her fallout with the media personality

by Jayden Musembi
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Michelle Ntalami has outlined  reasons why she stopped working with Makena Njeri. The Marni CEO held a Q&A session with her fans. One of her fans inquired whether she still talks and works with her ex lover Makena Njeri. Her response was too bold and clear.

The fan asked whether the actress was still the co-fouder of Bold Network. Bold Network is a company owned by Makena Njeri. Michelle declined being the co-founder of the company. She explained that the company approached her for ideas, where she helped them to a certain point. However, Michelle Ntalami stated that she couldn’t proceed with the role for obvious reasons. Her exit came after she broke up with Makena.

Michelle Ntalami responded, “they and I will always be the ones behind it’s inception, genesis and foundation. They came up with the idea and I helped them build it from there up to a certain point where I couldn’t anymore for obvious reasons. Moving forward and in its operation, No. All love though, only and always.”

However last year, Makena Njeri who happens to be the CEO of Bold Network declined being in a relationship with Mitchell Ntalami. While speaking on radio with Massawe Japanni, Makena Njeri argued that it’s wrong for the public to think that Michelle was her wife.

She argued that they were good friends. However in March, the media personality and entrepreneur came out publicly as a member of the LGBTQ community. Even though Michelle Ntalami’a side of the story was different, Makena Njeri’s argument remained constant.


She boldly stated that they were good friends, and that on her Instagram, she had posted many people who she wasn’t  in a relationship  with. In a previous interview, Makena admitted that she and Michelle can never walk from each other’s life. What do you think about this story? Kindly share your insights down below. Also read. Find more articles here.

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