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Inside Intrigues Forcing Raila To Threaten Election Boycott

Raila insists on use of manual registers in order to participate in coming elections

by Williams
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Raila is said to have developed fear as suspicion checks in about the use of Biometric identification in the voting process where manual registers are to be abandoned.

He threatened to boycott the elections if the manual registers are not considered for use in the coming elections. His competitors from the Kenya Kwanza Alliance side has maintained their stand on the use of advanced technological machinery during the 2022 contest.

This perspective was raised during a political debate on TV-47 where the agenda of both sides was tabled by the prominent Governance expert who also serves as a political analyst, Mr. Dennis Nthumbi.

However, Dennis Nthumbi stated that Azimio la Umoja candidate Raila Odinga has already conceded defeat and he is back to his usual defeat excuses on sensing trouble ahead.

There is nothing that is giving Azimio dread like the state capture,” Dennis Itumbi told the media.

Raila Odinga and DP Ruto’s political space has gradually continued to widen further as their ideological differences play a major determinant factor in the journey to August polls. It’s a period of do or die where DP Ruto has continued squeezing Raila to the wall using various means to an extent where he is now scared of facing the 2022 polls under the existing environment..

Nthumbi claims Raila has sensed defeat

This is something that leaves Nthumbi with a feeling that Raila might have already conceded defeat on seeing the new alignments that are taking place following the swap of the various officials in charge of the IT sector in the IEBC offices.

It is no longer a laughing matter as DP Ruto continues telling Raila to stop fearing anything and sell his agenda to the Kenyans since they are the ones who will determine his fate. It is the hope of Kenyans that this is going to run smoothly and everything will get normal.

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