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Jackie Matubia is begging any man to marry her

by Mbugua
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In recent times, a wave of celebrity divorces has captured public attention, and some female stars are breaking traditional norms by publicly seeking love. One such celebrity making headlines is former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia, who invites potential suitors to express their interest as she deems herself too fabulous to be single.

Matubia, a mother of two, took to her Instagram to share a captivating photo, showcasing impeccable makeup that accentuated her stunning looks. Her call for companionship was accompanied by a confident declaration that she was too fine to be without a partner.

Expressing a moment of reflection, Matubia conveyed, “I was about to complain about how tired I am, then I saw my next look for my next scene, and I’m like, forget what I said. Daaaamn! Mama girls! It’s officially a crime; someone should marry this woman.”


This public appeal for a partner comes in the wake of Matubia’s recent YouTube video where she faced criticism for dissing her ex-fianc√© and second baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho, alleging issues related to financial matters.

Undeterred by the past, the actress is embracing a new chapter and extending an invitation for potential suitors to step forward. The move aligns with the evolving trend of celebrities being open about romantic pursuits, challenging conventional norms.

As Jackie Matubia navigates the complexities of her personal life in the public eye, her bold approach sparks conversations about love, relationships, and the changing dynamics within the realm of celebrity interactions. The call to shoot their shots reflects a shift in how public figures engage with their romantic lives, creating a narrative that is both intriguing and reflective of societal transformations.

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