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Njambi Reveals To Why She Left Her 6-Year-Marriage

by Mwende
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It has come to the general public’s knowledge that Njambi, who is Real Househelps of Kawangware actress, is no longer with her hubby.

As per her, baby daddy Nelson was abusive, violent, and narcissistic. Speaking during an interview with one of the popular channels, the mother of two adorable kids said that her baby daddy was not the best person to live with.

Njambi added that she was so patient in her come we stayed married with Nelson for five years until she became fed up with his violence and abusiveness. The actress added that that was not the only relationship she had left, declaring that she was in another abusive relationship.

“We have known each other for about six years and lived together for five years,” Njambi said, We have not legally married, but I left since he was very insecure and I felt drained in the relationship.”

The celebrity narrated that as much as giving her personal information to fans may destroy her public image, she just wanted to encourage a fan who could be going through the same and may be afraid of leaving the relationship.

“I tried to protect his image for a very long time. I think the moment I hinted about being in a troubled relationship caused an alarm on my social media, and so, I wanted just to let people know it was over,” She added.

As per Njambi, her baby daddy was not a mean person, but she didn’t like that he disrespected her. “He provided for everything in the family, but he was disrespectful,” Njambi clarified.

“He blocked my male friends and questioned me about my whereabouts every time. And it drained me mentally.”
Njambi once hinted through her Instagram post that she had one of her worst experiences in the relationship.

She wrote, “The shame of being in a relationship or having fallen victim to an abusive relationship kept me in it longer than I should have been. I finally had the courage and am sticking to that.”

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