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Churchill Show Comedian Detained In Hospital Over Accrued Bill Of 823K

The comedian has been battling with sickle cell anaemia since birth

by Jayden Musembi
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Popular Kenyan comedian dubbed Akuku Danger has been detained at Nairobi West hospital following an accrued bill of 823K. The news were broken by his partner Sandra Dacha who claimed that even after being discharged from the hospital, the hospital management decided to detain him until the bill is cleared.

Sandra Dacha has always been there for the comedian, and she has taken the charge of updating the comedian’s fans about his sickness status. Sandra stated that the balance was reached after deductions were made from his health insurance and cash deposits that were made.

Akuku’s past hospital woes

It shall be recalled that the comedian was hospitalised a few days ago, and unfortunately, he was forced to celebrate his birthday in a hospital bed. Sandra Dacha had stated,

@itsakukudanger the Comedian has been admitted at Nairobi West Hospital for the past two weeks and has since accrued a bill of Kshs 823,000/= after deductions from his Insurance and cash deposits too.”

Sandra Dacha informed her followers that the comedian was discharged on Monday this week, but he was detained until the full amount was paid.

Sandra Dacha has called out anyone who’s willing to assist to reach out, adding that she is working to get the paybill number processed. She added,

The hospital has refused to accept a collateral so that he can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way please reach us.” 

Akuku Danger has been battling with a condition called sickle cell anaemia, and this has landed him in hospital for a couple of times. From us here on Mambo Mseto, we would like to advise well-wishers to reach out in support of the comedian. Also read. Find other articles here.

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