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Singer Ngaruiya Junior Rejoins UDA Campaign Caravan After Fallout

Artist Ngaruiya Junior comes back to Ruto's UDA party after calming a major rift with Muigai Wa Njoroge

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The celebrated Kigooco (praise) leader Ngaruiya Junior has finally agreed to a truce with his senior in the local music industry, Muigai Wa Njoroge after the two United Democratic Alliance (UDA) allied populists engaged in fury over entertainment money.

Taking the bottom-up economic narrative to Kiambu county, Ngaruiya Junior triumphed in the region in rallying the electorates to vote for deputy president William Ruto as he admitted that he had taken a back seat on UDA campaigns following the existing rife among the artists on entertainment money.

He flanked deputy president William Ruto for a series of rallies in Kiambaa, Kiambu county to drum support for Ruto’s statehouse bid.


Artist Ngaruiya Junior

“Chama ni UDA, tuko Kiambaa na William Samoei Ruto” said Ngaruiya

Earlier on, Ngaruiya Junior had accused Muigai for slicing the cake meant for entertainers allied to hustler nation faction.

He pointed out that Muigai had been withholding some of the entertainment money meant to be shared among artists only to divide a small portion leaving them with minimal amounts.

“Muigai, you are a senior artist and you are supposed to mentor the young and the upcoming but you have instead become their oppressor,” disgruntled Ngaruiya said in a section of his statement on Facebook.

“Whenever you are given their money, you always must withhold some. Whenever you’re assigned a task as a team, you must cause division to remain because you believe to be the senior most,” added Ngaruiya.

Ngaruiya, a resourceful UDA populist, especially in Mt Kenya, alleged that Muigai had thoroughly worked on his downfall and dismissal in Ruto’s camp despite having served the party from the scratch.

He alleged that Muigai enforced the withdrawal and deletion of his UDA skiza code.

“You even went ahead to have my UDA Skiza Code deleted out of jealousy. Allow me to tell you that your God is the same God to the minority artists and you will drink from the same cup you made voiceless artists drink from,” he added.

Muigai had recently released a song entitled “Ciumburane” that hypes Ruto, the son of the peasant, to clinch the country’s top seat.

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