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Anne Kansiime Narrates How University Abortions Almost Made Her Barren

by Mwende
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Ann Kansiime, an Uganda-based comedian, mom and wife, has caused mixed reactions after she gave details about her university days past and motherhood journey on a Kenyan TV channel, NTV.
While appearing on NTV in a show dubbed Bump Love which focuses mainly on motherhood, Kansiime gave personal details on how she fought with abortions back in her university days.

Ann Kansiime, hubby and baby

The comedian opened up about how she had had many miscarriages in the past years. As per Kansiime, this could have been a punishment from God because of the many abortions she had while still in the University.
Kansiime openly said she had so many abortions because she never wanted to have a baby before finishing her university education.

Photo:[ Ann Kansiime and Hubby]

“Miscarriage happens to people who never aborted in life, but when you get a miscarriage of the child that you want, whether you want it or not, you start questioning why and find that there are reasons, and they are there. I started counting how many times I aborted at campus and then started praying,” Kansiime painfully narrated.
She went ahead to explain how much she prayed to God for forgiveness. Kansiime remembered telling God she wanted a baby since she was approaching 35 years old.

Photo:[ Ann Kansiime ]

“ I asked God to forgive me, and I remember telling God that I want a child, I am retiring at 35 years and he answered my prayer and gave a child at 36 years old,” she clarified.
As per Kansiime, she was sharing pregnancy news with the general public has never been a good idea. As a good example, she never did until she delivered safely to her adorable baby.

Photo:[ Ann Kansiime and best friend]

I thought that there could be some people out there with evil intentions trying to stop me from
having children,” she said.

Photo:[ Ann Kansiime and Hubby]

Anne Kansiime is now a happy mother to baby Selassie Ataho and a happy wife to baby daddy Skylanta. May they enjoy all that life will have to offer them.

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