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Pastor Kanyari’s Faith on Shaky Ground After Another Hot Woman Teases Him “You’re My Man”

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Photo collage of Pastor Kanyari and Rish Kamunge

Pastor Victor Kanyari found himself at the center of a flirtatious exchange during a live TikTok session. The TikToker, Rish Kamunge, boldly declared her intentions towards the pastor, leaving him speechless.

Kamunge, who referred to Kanyari as “her man,” detailed her plans for their interaction, which included featuring both of them on a billboard.

Prophet Victor Kanyari

Prophet Victor Kanyari

“You are my man. I asked some people what the biggest gift I could give to my man is, and they told me to put him on a billboard. So, I am planning a billboard for us in Koja. Anyone entering Nairobi will see you… it’s going to cost me more than KSh 600,000 for you to be there for more than a month,” Kamunge said.

Caught off guard, Kanyari could only exclaim, “What!” as he listened to Kamunge’s daring proposal. The conversation quickly escalated from lighthearted banter to provocative innuendos, with Kamunge discussing intimate activities in graphic detail. At one point, she even shook her bosom on camera, leaving the pastor, a recent TikTok joiner, visibly stunned.

TikToker Rish Kamunge

TikToker Rish Kamunge

This unexpected encounter has left Pastor Kanyari’s faith on shaky ground, as he grapples with the implications of this public flirtation. As the videos continue to go viral, viewers eagerly await the pastor’s response to Kamunge’s audacious advances. Will he maintain his faith, or will he succumb to the allure of the TikTok temptress? Only time will tell.

Kamunge’s bold statements included her desire for Kanyari to “disrespect” her in the bedroom and her openness to “experimenting” with various activities. ”

I want you to disrespect me in our bedroom. I want you to be close to me. I just want us to experiment…We are a couple. We have talked about it,” she said. When Kanyari asked her to clarify, the lady’s response left the pastor flabbergasted. “What if I want things to be a bit spicy?…nikikuambia buy pingu…so that it will be spicy. I want us to be crazy for each other,” Rish Kamunge said.

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