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Why President Ruto Is Much Better Than Kibaki – Danstan Omari

by Mbugua
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In a recent interview on K24 TV, highly regarded city lawyer Danstan Omari expressed his viewpoint that President William Ruto surpasses the late Mwai Kibaki regarding presidential accomplishments.

Omari attributed this evaluation to Ruto’s remarkable capacity to boost revenue through diverse channels, a marked departure from the circumstances during Kibaki’s presidency. According to the lawyer, Ruto has explored unprecedented avenues to generate funds for the country, surpassing the achievements of any previous Kenyan president.

“If we were to draw comparisons with the late Kibaki, I can confidently say that President Ruto is far superior. Shem Ochuodho and Raila Odinga were part of that government. Kibaki did not achieve the revenue levels President William Ruto currently attains. The sectors in which he has sought additional funds are relatively unexplored. Across every sector, the president is enhancing revenue, and consequently, we anticipate that he has a more significant financial impact than Kibaki, Uhuru, and Moi,” asserted Omari.

However, Omari highlighted a crucial issue under Ruto’s leadership—how the increased revenue is utilized. While Kibaki implemented measures to close avenues susceptible to misappropriation of public funds, Ruto, according to Omari, has not taken similar precautions. This oversight, he argued, has left the pressing issue of the cost of living unaddressed.

Omari recommended specific changes for President Ruto to actualise his vision for the country. The lawyer emphasized the need to replace the individuals around him with a more proactive and capable team conducive to achieving his objectives.

Furthermore, Omari noted Ruto’s increasing alignment with Western nations, suggesting that he reconsider this relationship. Drawing a parallel with Kibaki, who distanced himself from such influences, Omari proposed that Ruto follow suit to avoid becoming a captive of the West.

“It’s imperative that Ruto reconsider his affiliation with the West and devise a strategy for the country to generate its resources judiciously manage them. The time has come for local solutions to address the country’s challenges,” stressed Omari.

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