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Organize, Stop Agonizing, Miguna Calls For Uprising Over Ruto’s Governance Style

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Kenya’s Canada based lawyer and fierce critic of the past Uhuru Kenyatta government,Dr Miguna Miguna has now directed his energy against the current regime urging Kenyans to revolt and put an end to the autocracy being witnessed currently.

According to Dr Miguna Miguna,Willam Ruto’s style of leadership is rapidly making him unpopular as it is only promoting corruption and reducing the common Mwananchi to zero.

To Miguna, William Ruto is likely to lose it in the 2027 presidential election as he has failed to deliver what he promised the public. Miguna Miguna has cautioned Ruto’s administration from looting taxpayers mercilessly as they will face the wrath of the law one time.

Miguna Miguna reminds president William Ruto that nobody is above the law and leaders who have used their power and influence to enrich themselves and those within their circles end up paying for the deeds when a new regime takes over.

The lawyer’s sudden twist of stand against the government has ignited public debate as he seemed to favor William Ruto’s presidency than his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

In September 2023 Miguna Miguna was also vocal in opposing president William Ruto’s move to introduce digital Identification in Kenya terming the move by the Kenya kwanza government as a misplaced priority.

According to Miguna Miguna, Kenyans deserve to have clean running water, electricity,food, job opportunities, good roads, transparent government and health care per household before anyone lectures them about digital identification.

The basic needs for Kenyans should be prioritized rather than focusing on issues that will not help the Kenyans that trusted them and elected them. Talking about the common mwananchi struggling with having 2 meals a day and security In the region.

Dr Miguna Miguna has also in the recent past criticized the government for irresponsible GMO move.He boldly asked the president to be consulting the public that voted him in before making decisions on his own.


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