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Opinion: Kenyatta Family’s Magic Trick To Protect Multi-million Businesses From Both Raila & Ruto Regimes

Kenyatta family adapting to be both in government, opposition and independent

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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As the election day, 9th August 2022, draws closer with less than 34 days remaining, the Kenyatta family has put in place well-thought tricks to protect their Multi-million properties and businesses from both Deputy President William Ruto & Raila Odinga’s regimes following Uhuru’s exit from power.

When the late president Mwai Kibaki was taking power from Mzee Daniel Arap Moi (KANU), the Kenyatta family had split into five parts for self-protection from the altercations that might befall their Multi-million businesses and properties.

Beth Mugo shifted to Charity Ngilu’s SDP, Ngengi Muigai was in Ford Asili with Matiba, Muhoho was in Democratic Party with Kibaki and Uhuru remained in Kanu with Moi.

This was to ensure that whichever side that turns against the family properties, there will be massive opposition forces from other notable confidants to protect the family’s properties and vast business interests.

This metamorphosis is also being experienced in this year’s election for protection against Raila or Ruto regime, whichever side takes power.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has drifted to support Azimio – One Kenya candidate Raila Odinga and defied even the 2017 MoU with DP Ruto, “Ya Uhuru Kumi na Ya Ruto Kumi”.

Uhuru is rigorously courting Raila Odinga to succeed him while Kungu Muigai, Uhuru Kenyatta’s first cousin, has already taken Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza side.

Three days ago, Ruto had a consultative meeting with various Council of Elders from Mt Kenya region to vouch for mechanisms to ensure a peaceful election in the August political battle


William Ruto and Kungu Muigai

And Nyokabi is independent as we await others to move into different political oscillations.

In this case, whichever political faction, Raila, or Ruto, the family properties will still be in the same hands.

In the meantime, are Kenyans fighting for Kenyatta’s multimillion businesses and properties? Are they fighting for the Kenyatta family more than they fight for themselves?.

The Kenyatta family will never miss being both in government, opposition, and independent.

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