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Ndindi Nyoro Reveals Main Reason Why Ruto Wants 50 CASs

by Mbugua
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Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro lifted the lid on why President William Ruto is pushing for the entrenchment of the positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) in the constitution.

During an NTV interview on Thursday, December 7, Nyoro argued that the position was critical in helping the Kenya Kwanza administration balance duties and deliver effectively.

According to the lawmaker, in Ruto’s school of thought, he wants CASs who will articulate some government agendas and spearhead the implementation of critical government policies.

Defending their role, Nyoro stated that some CSs and their Principal Secretaries are overwhelmed with responsibilities, which include answering to the parliament, responding to Kenyans’ concerns, and articulating the government agenda.

“From where I sit, I have always held consistently that the President was right in having assistants to our cabinet secretaries. Having CASs was basically to do some of the work CSs do,” he insisted.

“The reasoning of having them was to free up some time for the CS and PS to do the job,” Nyoro added while stating that some Cabinet Secretaries spend time meeting different groups and hence remain with little time to think and restrategize.

On the issue of salaries, Nyoro argued that the Kenya Kenya administration was in a position to care for their perks comfortably without overburdening the taxpayers.

“The intention of having CASs is very valid. CASs’ salaries are below negligible,” Nyoro maintained.

His sentiments came after Kenya Kwanza initiated plans to re-introduce the positions. This was after the National Government Administration Laws (Amendment) Bill went through the first reading in parliament.

Section 12 (A) elaborates on the appointment process, from the recommendation of nominees by the Public Service Commission to the President to approval by the National Assembly.

The criteria that would make one eligible to be nominated as a CAS are a Bachelor’s degree, public service experience, and the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution. In July, Ruto suffered a setback after the court declared the 50 CAS positions unconstitutional.

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