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Ruto’s Men Pelted With Stones At Jacaranda As Residents Say No To Kenya Kwanza

Mureithi pelted with stones as worried DP Ruto's allies remain in their cars

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Ruto’s rally at Jacaranda grounds turned chaotic as his entourage was pelted with stones.

After being heckled in Jacaranda, the Kenya Kwanza team has had a particularly difficult day with stones being a common feature in their rally. Francis Mureithi, who happens to be DP Ruto’s friend and candidate for Mp, was stoned severely by the people. This is a dramatic episode that began sending signals early in the morning that things were about to get messy.

Mureithi went to the hospital and returned with a bandage on his head to Jacaranda. After being stoned mercilessly, he was wearing a helmet on top of the bandage that was wrapped around his head. When he arrived, he was given full protection, with people following him to ensure he didn’t get any further injuries. As a result of this, he was brought to the hospital with significant injuries which sounds a warning that Azimio supporters are not jocking with Ruto.

This is particularly distressing to see at a time when the country is gearing up for a major election. DP Ruto, on the other hand, has remained cooperative as he works with his forces to turn the tables on Raila.

At Jacaranda, where a significant drama erupted as DP Ruto’s men were stoned cruelly, the ground has become extremely difficult for DP Ruto and his followers. According to the source, a group of young people is working hard to prevent DP Ruto from entering.


Jacaranda grounds

However, DP Ruto’s ardent supporters are fighting back against his opponents, who are attempting to prevent DP Ruto from entering Raila’s stronghold. This isn’t the first time that DP Ruto has been booed at Jacaranda for attempting to hold a rally there. Ruto, on the other hand, has always been defiant and courageous enough to enter the location because his diplomatic rights protect him.

As a result, many individuals are left scratching their brains as to who is behind this. The country’s political situation has deteriorated, posing a serious threat to the August 2022 general elections.

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