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Saving Or Misleading? Impact Of Amerix Amunga’s Masculinity Message To Men

Amerix has emerged as an influential figure in men's lives, and women's too!

by Jayden Musembi
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You must have heard about Amerix from a friend or on social media. Eric Amunga alias Amerix is a medical practitioner based in Bungoma. He is a well-known masculinity tutor on Twitter and Telegram social media platforms and has gained a massive following among men. He is loved and hated in equal measure, and here is why.

Amerix is a man who views the world differently, and this can clearly be seen from his off-the-norm approach about health and social lifestyles. He is renowned for his activity status and a Sartuday #MasculinitySartuday hashtag that is always in the top list of Twitter.

Amerix has thousands of followers on Twitter. At some point, his account was verified but revoked due to his controversial views on women. The decision to unverify his account followed a series of sharp debates even in the US of his teachings that had become divisive.

Why A Section Of Men Hate & Love Amerix
Amerix is loved and hated in equal measure based on statistics of interest. The man who has been on the forefront to advise men of how to ditch enslavement from the competitive society has elicited an interesting debate.

A lover of his content cannot sit on the same table with a critic. He’s popular for his unique terms eg Simpsons or simps, which are general words used to describe men who do unnecessary stuff for women who are not their wives, or probably, men whose wives ‘sit on them.’

Some people argue that he is raising a generation of bitter and dictatorial men who cannot treat women with respect. However, some men feel that he’s giving good advice of how men can maintain their frame. It is true that a larger number of his subscription panel are men.


A file photo of Amerix at an interview

Why The Hashtag #Masculinitysartuday?
Amerix in several interviews stated that the reason he chose that hashtag is to guide men into sharing their adversities. Amerix describes it as an open space for men on how they can be able to convey their day-to-day challenges.

He has continually advised his male colleagues to subscribe so that that they can be able to understand and undertake their roles in the society.  This involves taking charge, protecting and providing for your family as a man.

According to the men’s advisor, a man’s presence will only be felt when he undertakes his roles in the family. Amerix argues that the male child should be taught that he should always protect the female child every time.

Why A Large Number Of Women Fault Amerix’s Advice
Well, many women feel Amerix is advising men to take the traditional lifestyle, which shouldn’t be the case since times have changed. The traditional role of a mother was to take care of her family and do other home chores.

In a world where all genders are career people, some people feel that his approach is outdated. In some cases, Amerix has been seen criticising men who do ‘wifely’ duties in relationships. However, a section of the society argue that there are no gender roles anymore.


The men’s coach

Amerix’s Political Ambitions
Did you know that at some point Amerix pursued politics? If you didn’t know, now you know. The man was once an MCA aspirant for the Bungoma Central Ward seat under ODM party. He expressed his interest of wanting to join politics in 2016.

Amerix On Losing 40kg In 7 Months
Amerix shared his journey of shifting from obesity to leading a healthy lifestyle. He noted that in 2018, he was struggling with obesity, arguing that he decided to draft tactics of losing weight. He stated,

“The experience was burdensome and torturous at the start; I almost gave up but I was resilient. I pressed on until I began seeing small changes. The results kept me pushing further until I reached my periodic targets.”

Are you a follower of Amerix? Do you agree with his ideologies? Share your insights with us down below.

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