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I Preferred Dating Old Men: Tracey Waithira

by Mbugua
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Tracey Waithira, a well-known individual recently had an enlightening interview with the prominent journalist Lynn Ngugi. During the interview, Tracey openly discussed her personal journey and the steps she is taking to rebuild herself into a better person.

One significant aspect that Tracey emphasized on was her decision to rebuild her soul, mind, and body. She acknowledged that she needed to make changes in her life and this transformation began with her weight loss journey. Tracey bravely shared that she had struggled with excessive weight, particularly in the breast area which she attributed to poor eating habits.

However, through dedicated efforts and a healthier lifestyle, she has shed significant weight and now feels more comfortable and confident in her own skin. Tracey also disclosed that her upbringing greatly affected her life choices. Raised by a single mother, she felt the absence of a father figure. This void led her to seek companionship with older men as she found them more stable and emotionally fulfilling compared to her interactions with younger men.

Her early entry into the workforce at the age of 17 further contributed to her preference for older and more focused partners . Additionally, Tracey acknowledged that her past relationship with money had been unhealthy. She admitted to idolizing money and prioritizing it above all else even her well-being. She would engage in any activity regardless of how wrong or damaging it may have been as long as it led to financial gains.

However, she has since realized the error of her ways and has turned her focus towards building herself through a more meaningful and fulfilling journey relying solely on her faith in God. Tracey’s interview with Lynn Ngugi shed light on her profound personal transformation. By addressing her weight issues, seeking emotional stability through older partners and shifting her mindset from materialism to personal growth, she is rebuilding herself to become a better version of who she once was.

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