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Agnes Kagure Marks Her 49th Birthday With Special Treat For Nyeri Mothers

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Business magnate and 2022 Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Agnes Kagure is today celebrating her 49th birthday in a fashionable manner. Kagure, who is widely recognized for her philanthropy, has organized a special event in Nyeri County to mark her new milestone.

In the event, the Nairobi politico was joined by elderly women and they celebrated their wins as mothers. The fête saw several mothers celebrated for not only their impact in the lives of their children but also their impact in the society by extension.

Through her X account, Kagure notes that birthday parties should not be solely celebrations for the addition of years, but avenues to level up and do more.

“Birthdays are not just about adding years; they’re about leveling up and doing more. As I begin this #MamaAt49 journey, I’m looking forward to being a supportive pillar of support, love and light to more of you,” she posted.


Kagure is a firm believer in moulding the youth into future leaders and custodians of community values. She however believed that the nurturing begins by appreciating and motivating their parents, moreso their mothers, who are naturally tasked with incalcuting the right morals in youth folk.

Before proceeding to the Nyeri event, Kagure ensured she shared her birthday cake with a group of children in Nairobi. In her own budding words, the self-made business mogul stated that children represent the best of the community, and are both their parents’ past and future.

“Children represent the best of us, and are both our pasts as well as our future. Before I get to my main #MamaAt49 event, I had to share my special day with these lovely angels. Wherever you are, may your day be as lovely as I’ve made theirs,” she posted on her official X account.

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