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38 Year Old Letter That Reveals Unknown Details About William Ruto

The letter brings to light more details about president-elect William Ruto

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President-elect William Ruto’s 38 year-old letter has been traced, revealing his childhood life and the struggles he endured.

Ruto wrote the letter in 1984 when he left Wareng High school located in Kapsaret near Eldoret Town in Uasin Gishu County.

The perfectly crafted letter highlighted his background from his date of birth and details of his family.

“In my family, there is a father, two wives, nine brothers, and seven sisters and a grandmother, hence a family of 20 bodies,” his letter read in part.


File photo of President-elect William Ruto before he ventured into active politics

In what seems like a biography, the former Eldoret North MP expressed his commitment to education and some of the challenges he confronted during his four years stay at Wareng High School.

By overcoming some of the bottlenecks, Ruto, through the letter, expressed his desire to becoming a writer after school.

“In school I enjoyed literature as my favourite subject, others are English, CRE, Mathematics and Geography. Despite of other subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry being hard, I have liked them so much.”

“Literature has been my best subject and with the help of God, I hope to write at least a book in the future,” he added.

However, those ambitions seem to have changed from an author to an astute politician who rose from being a chicken seller to the helm of the country’s leadership.

According to Julius Kamatei, Wareng High School Principal, Ruto was committed both to academics and religion. He was a top achiever who then transitioned to Kapsabet High School for his A Level of education.

Ruto Supreme Court

President-elect William Ruto attending a prayer service at Nakuru, September 4

With just days to the Tuesday, September 13, swearing-in ceremony, the bedrock of his accomplishments remains as he stated in 1984 when he wrote that letter;  “I know that success is a result of hard work.”

Other statements from his classmates and teachers reveal that work ethic has rewarded Ruto is now a step away from taking the instruments of power from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Despite endorsing Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate who failed to clinch the country’s top seat, Uhuru pledged to facilitate a smooth transition.

“I will hand over power smiling because it’s my Constitutional duty but my leader is Baba, Raila Odinga,” Uhuru stated in a meeting with Azimio leaders on Tuesday, September 7.

Ruto is set to be sworn in on 13th September at Kasarani.

Credit: Kenyans.co.ke

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