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How Gachagua’s Villagers Treated Martha Karua During Her Rally

Martha Karua visits Gachagua's political bedroom as Ndindi Nyoro and Gachagua collaborate to attack Kibicho

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Martha Karua travelled straight to Nyeri County to launch an Azimio One Kenya coalition branch office after successful campaigns in Muranga County. Martha Karua, dubbed the “Iron Lady,” had a rousing welcome in Nyeri County, where Rigathi Gachagua, Ruto’s running mate, lives.

Residents of Nyeri could not disguise their pleasure and jubilation as Martha Karua and other Azimio One Kenya coalition leaders were welcomed. Martha Karua’s name was yelled out loud by Nyeri people as they welcomed her to the area. Here are some photos of Martha Karua being treated like a queen in Nyeri.

Martha Karua

Thousands of Nyeri locals greeted Martha Karua and other leaders who accompanied her, as seen in the photos above. Let’s see what message Martha Karua has for Nyeri citizens and how Nyeri inhabitants will benefit from Raila’s government if he wins.


Rigathi, Ichungwa, and Nyoro, Kenya Kwanza political heavyweights, have criticized Matiangi and Kibicho for embezzling Kazi Kwa Vijana monies. Rigathi has issued a warning to the pair, stressing that their days are limited and that they will be prosecuted when the time comes. Ichungwa recounted how Matiangi and Kibicho utilized ruses to misappropriate Kazi Kwa Vijana monies in Nyahururu.

He claims that the government set aside money to pay ten thousand youngsters in each constituency; each youth was meant to be paid one thousand shillings per day for six months, but instead received only 435 shillings.

Matiangi and Kibicho, according to Ichungwa, agreed to use the monies to buy votes from citizens.

Ndindi Nyoro, speaking on the subject, criticized Matiangi and Kibicho for squandering youth monies. Ndindi has told the two leaders that unless they give the youth the entire amount, they will be prosecuted. The increased drama in the political field tells it all about how unstable the ground is and things might quickly change all of a sudden.

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