Home News Sudi Ruthlessly Attacks UDA Sec Gen Malala As Rift Widens In Ruling Party

Sudi Ruthlessly Attacks UDA Sec Gen Malala As Rift Widens In Ruling Party

Kapseret MP Hon. Oscar Sudi this morning referred to UDA SG Hon. Cleophas Malala as an elevated MCA who is trying to outshine EX-Jubilee SG Tuju, who was known to be good at threatening party leaders.

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Oscar Sudi chatting with Ruto during a past event

Kapseret Member of Parliament, Hon. Oscar Sudi, has launched a scathing attack on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General, Hon. Cleophas Malala.  This development has exposed the growing rift within the ruling party.

The tension between the two escalated from an incident last week, where Sudi asserted his right to travel across the country to support President William Ruto, beyond his constituency duties.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi during a past event

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi during a past event

In a fiery speech, Sudi declared, “Everyone contributed to the Kenya Kwanza Government. Let’s respect each other. We ask the President and his deputy to respect us. We can’t allow them to come and harass small leaders.”

This remark was directed at Deputy President Hon. Rigathi Gachagua, reflecting Sudi’s frustration with what he perceives as undue interference in his activities.

This morning, Sudi intensified his criticism by referring to Malala as an “elevated MCA” trying to imitate former Jubilee Party Secretary General, Hon. Raphael Tuju, known for using threats to please his superiors.

Sudi shared screenshots of press statements from UDA party SG Hon. Cleophas Malala, in which Malala slammed him for his comments, accusing him of disrespecting the presidency and targeting Gachagua.

Clephas Malala addressing the media

Clephas Malala addressing the media

The screenshots posted by Sudi suggest that Malala disapproved of Sudi’s statements, arguing that they undermined party unity and the respect owed to the Deputy President. Malala’s critique indicates a deeper frustration within the party’s ranks regarding Sudi’s outspoken approach and his public challenges to the leadership.

Sudi’s comparison of Malala to Raphael Tuju is particularly pointed, as Tuju’s tenure as Jubilee Secretary General was marked by similar accusations of wielding undue influence to maintain control over party members. By drawing this parallel, Sudi implies that Malala is overstepping his boundaries and attempting to consolidate power in a manner detrimental to the party’s cohesion.

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