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How A Lady Friend Got Stivo Simple Boy Jailed For A Crime He Didn’t Commit

Stivo Simple Boy maintains that he will pursue purity until marriage

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Popular Kenyan rapper dubbed Stivo Simple Boy has revealed that he was once framed for rape and got jailed. During a previous interview with Oga Obinna, Stivo stated that a certain lady, a friend defamed him claiming that the singer attempted to rape her. He added that he remained in custody for a week and was later released.

Stivo stated that the woman had been eyeing him for quite some time, but he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her, hence she made the allegations. He claimed that the lady was chasing clout, adding that she wanted to get famous using his name.

The singer however stated that when he rejected her, that is when she decided to defame him for rape. According to Stivo, the lady couldn’t believe that she had been rejected, and therefore, she sought to frame him to fulfill her pride.

Stivo’s painful story

When the lady told her mum, the mum got so furious, and therefore, she decided to pursue the truth of the matter. Stivo was taken to hospital and tests were done that proved that indeed, nothing of that sought happened. He stated that the results came negative, and that proved that the lady was lying.

Stivo Simple Boy claims that he is still a virgin, and that he wants to maintain purity until marriage. This comes months after the singer broke up with his estranged partner dubbed Pritty Vishy. It shall be recalled that their breakup came along with lots of drama, and this was because she couldn’t admit that she had been dumped.

Stivo Simple Boy admitted that the socialite had been cheating on her with about 50 women. He stated that after so many attempts from Pritty Vishy to sleep with her, he declined. What’s your view on this story ladies and gentlemen? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Find other articles here.

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