Home Politics Woman Representative Allegedly Roughed Up And Almost Stripped Naked In Gachagua’s Rally

Woman Representative Allegedly Roughed Up And Almost Stripped Naked In Gachagua’s Rally

Woman representative harassed in Kirinyaga in presence of Waiguru

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Rigathi Gachagua

United Democratic Alliance party member, Miss Muriithi Kamurandi who is a Ward Representative cursed the day in Kirinyaga. This follows what happened during a UDA meeting today in Kirinyaga county where she was roughed up and thrown out. Anne Waiguru was waiting for Gachagua to arrive for a huge gathering attended by top business people and other dignitaries when it all started. Caroline claims she was seated with Anne Waiguru when goons kidnapped her and threatened to strip her naked.

They wanted to strip me naked but the police saved me. They grabbed me violently and began frog-marching me out of the forum as if I were an outsider,”Miss Muriithi said.

The investigators are yet to establish the exact reason why Caroline was ejected from the meeting yet she is a member of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party led by Deputy President William Ruto. It is something that has literally landed DP Ruto in big shame over what prevailed creating a bad image of the United Democratic Alliance party.

Gachagua discusses Mt Kenya issues

During the meeting, it was established that Rigathi Gachagua discussed the Mount Kenya region issues. He was welcomed by several Mount Kenya region leaders who hosted him in their political bedroom during the essential forum.


A violent scene

He urged Mount Kenya region leaders to support DP Ruto in the coming 2022 presidential elections since he really believes that the Mount Kenya region will benefit him so much. This is one of DP Ruto’s campaign strategies and convincing power in order to win the Mt. Kenya region vote in style.

As this happened, DP Ruto was elsewhere in Nairobi where he was hosting a major meeting with the people of Nairobi where they addressed a number of issues affecting the people of Nairobi. The ground has become tough and now, they are trying everything possible to save themselves and get a score higher than their competitor

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