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Azziad Nasenya Responds On Alleged Beef With Moya David

Azziad recognised Moya David's impact on Tiktok, adding that he is doing well

by Jayden Musembi
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Azziad Nasenya has addressed beefing rumours with fellow tiktoker Moya David. The disclosure comes a few days after Moya David became the most followed tiktoker in Kenya, a position she held for months. Reacting to the claims, Azziad Nasenya recognized Moya David’s impact. She however argued that there is no beef between her and Moya David, but instead, she is happy for him. She stated,

“It’s amazing and I’m so happy to see new talents coming from Tiktok, and the fact that right now people take Tiktok seriously and it’s true. When my video went viral is what sparked video downloads in Kenya that made others join Tiktok, and I remember the first weeks people would say I can never join Tiktok ni ya utoto oh ni ya umama.”

For a long time, Azziad has been the most followed Tiktoker until recently when Moya David surpassed her in terms of followers. Azziad stated that she doesn’t see it as a competition, adding that people’s perception is misguided. She added,

“It’s never about competition and that’s where people go wrong. And if you’ve noticed if you ask Moya, he is not gonna look at it from a competition angle. If you ask me I mean I’m way above that. I can’t look at it from the competition angle. We are different human beings, he has a different audience I have a different audience.”

Azziad argued that her content is different from what Moya does, and therefore, there is no form of competition at all.

Even though content creators overdo each other at times, Azziad stated that from her point of view, she doesn’t perceive it that way. Azziad argued that from her side, she sees herself as a blueprint.

Azziad argued that audiences always want to spike competition between content creators which is in most cases not the issue. She argued that people do different things on Tiktok, and this makes them unique. Azziad urged fans to avoid making up beefs among celebrities. What’s your view on this story? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Also read. Find more articles here.

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