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Who Is Sultana In Real Life? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mwanaasha Johari

Mwanaasha Johari stars in the 'Sultana' show aired on Citizen Tv

by Mwende
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Sultana is the main character in the local Telenovela, dubbed ‘Sultana,’ written and produced by our own Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. Sultana’s real name is Mwanaasha Johari. She is a Kenyan model and actress.


Mwanaasha is an upcoming actress; therefore, she took the opportunity to market her career by accepting to be featured in the local Telenovela, Sultana.

Due to her popularity, so many of her fans would like to know more about her, and today, we have you covered. Let’s quickly look at some of the most exciting facts about Sultana.

1.  Sultana lives a low-key life

 Mwanaasha is one of the few upcoming Kenyan celebrities who have figured out how to keep their personal life off the general public. For an instant, no one knows who her boyfriend or husband is. Apart from everyone being aware that she is an actress, no single detail about her life is known.

2. Sultana is not blind.

Just because she plays a role in the Telenovela as a blind girl, Sultana is not blind in real life. Sultana only wears white contacts on the show to show that she is blind, although she isn’t.

3. She doesn’t like social media.

As compared to other celebrities, Mwanaasha does not like social media. For example, if you are a keen follower of her on Instagram, you must be sure of what I’m talking about. Sultana only posts promotion videos on her account. Little or nothing about her personal life is posted on Instagram.

4. Sultana loves her work.

Sultana only posts videos and photographs of the show while she is not on the set. This makes her appear so unique. It simply shows that she has a great love for what she does. Sultana rarely posts photos and videos of her having fun with friends. She is a unique celebrity.

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